Ajj – Keep On Chooglin’ Lyrics

The songwriting process is modeled after Brian Wilson:
Shuffling around in sweatpants mumbling
So much would go wrong when he tried to make his songs

And I’m not that big of a fan of Brian Wilson
My favorite Beach Boys songs are written by Charles Manson
“Wild Honeypie” “Why Don’t We Do it In the Road?”
No wait, I think that was The Beatles

Every day, I try to do things that feel alright
And no matter what, I feel like a bastard deep inside
French Quarter to the bullshit, cut your losses and play bass
And listen to CCR

And “Keep on Chooglin'”!
Keep on keepin’ on
Don’t be afraid to speak in your native tongue
The grandson of a ghost is singing me to tell a song
And all my dead friends in my corner now are cheering me along
If it’s inside your head, don’t let them tell you that you’re wrong

Because giving a shit has left the building

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